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Print Editions

I am pleased to release my first ever print editions, Rabbit Kami: Illuminated Silkscreen and Rabbit Kami: Illuminated Border.

This summer I was privileged to work with the supremely talented master printer, Natalie Woodlock, during my Wassaic Project print residency. The Wassaic Project allowed me to follow whatever crazy path I could come up with and Natalie helped me make it a reality. The result is Rabbit Kami: Illuminated Silkscreen.

The print is double sided; the front and back of the body are silkscreen printed vellum, the head and paws are digital prints on Arches 88. The front and back are hand glued onto a museum board armature and trimmed. The print is 24" high x 9" wide. This is an edition of 14; each print has unique variations.

The vellum creates a translucent version of the doll insert that accompanied my print in the Wassaic Project's summer publication Secrets of the Friendly Wood.

I am also creating a print edition of 20 of my digital painting Rabbit Kami: Illuminated Border. This image first appeared in the Wassaic Project's summer publication, Secrets of the Friendly Wood. This is an archival pigment digital print on photo rag paper. The print is 12" x 18" and an edition of 20.

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing either print.


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