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Evolution: Ursus americanus

Evolution: Ursus americanus Evolution: Ursus americanus shows the evolutionary documentation that leads to the creation of the my final sculptures. Both black bear (Ursus americanus) sculptures will be on display with the corresponding sketches and embroidery samples. September 5 - 24, 2018

Opening Reception: Wednesday, September 5, 6-9pm Textile Art Center

505 Carroll St, Brooklyn NY , 11215

In honor of New York Textile Month, the Textile Arts Center is hosting a collection of exhibitions to highlight the richness of contemporary textiles. Reflecting a diversity of material and technique, Interlaced features site-specific installation as well as sculpture, collage, weaving, knitting and embroidery.


September 5 - 24, 2018

Exhibitions Include: “Evolution: Ursus americanus” featuring the work of Deborah Simon

“The Gloaming” featuring the work of Megan C. Mosholder

“The Quilted Object” featuring the work of Hannah Goff, Monica Hofstadter, Liz Robb and Pedro Silva

“Rapture of the Deep: The Textile Art of Tzuri Gueta” featuring work by Tzuri Gueta and curated by Ya’ara Keydar

Mon - Thurs : 10:30AM - 6PM Fridays : CLOSED Sat : 11AM - 6PM Sun : 11AM - 6PM

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