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HEY! 4 Degrees Art

"How to position HEY! Facing the complex range of environmental problems, while our only weapon remains art? This questioning has mobilized our research until we discovered The Charter of the Earth, which has become the catalyst of this special issue. We therefore agreed to ask eleven questions written on the basis of the reflections of the Charter of the Earth, to 112 artists already published by the magazine. They are neither "eco-painters" nor "eco-warriors" nor ecologists using art to coagulate their thinking. With us gathered around a variation of points of view and treatments, all concerned and upset by the state of the world, deeply disturbed by the treatment to which our planet is subjected, they have seized an opportunity to express themselves, A medium of choice, as an artist and citizen of the Earth, at a time when it is more common to see an artist producing exclusively to supply a work to a dedicated market. At the heart of its call for universal solidarity, the Charter of the Earth values ​​the singularity of thought as a force in a whole. Thus one can also recognize the two fundamental principles of HEY! : The mixing by the gathering and the resistance by the imaginary from which flow all our actions. »Anne & Julien

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